Saturday 18 June 2016

Taxi Mpv From Kuala Lumpur To Melaka Tour & Sightseeing

Melaka Tour

INFO @ Melacca

The city of Melaka is divided into the new and old sections. The older part of the city is fairly compact and has many historical and cultural attractions tucked into the nooks and crannies of its narrow streets.
Much of the remnants of Melaka's glorious past lie within the Town Square and waterfront area near the river. Just above the Town Square is St. Paul's Hill (Bukit St. Paul) which is the site of the original Portuguese fort of A'Famosa and St. Paul's Church. There is a sign-posted heritage trail which visitors can follow to visit all the historical places in the old part of town. The new section of Melaka lies across the Melaka River and is mostly built on land reclaimed from the sea. It consists of modern shopping centres like the Mahkota Parade and is a bustling food and entertainment district. Outside Melaka town, there are a some nice beaches, two excellent offshore islands with resorts and a golf course. The Air Keroh district is close to the North-South Expressway and has many recreational theme parks.

Tour Package
Price & Charges :

All charges are include toll, fuel, gas & parking
Entrance fees for any park below are not included
Food & Drinks are not included
If u exceed the time given and require additional hour, you will be charge RM50 for every hour and part there of.
Charges quote for travelling during day time

1 Way Trip
Mpv Taxi 1- 4 RM250
Mpv Taxi 5-6 Rm350

Full Day ( 8 Hours )
Mpv Taxi 1-4 Rm450
Mpv Taxi 5-6 RM600


Place to visit & shopping :

Melaka Town

Jonker Walk
Melaka River Cruise
Taming Sari Tower
Museum Baba & Nyonya Culture
A Famosa Fort
Melaka Zoo
Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary
Cheng Ho Cultural Museum
Crocodile & Reptile Park
Dutch Square
Maritime & Naval Museum
Botanical Garden
Melaka Sultanate Palace
Melaka Wonderland Theme
ParkMini Malaysia & ASEAN Park

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